Early Registration Invitations (1st Phase)

//Early Registration Invitations (1st Phase)

Early Registration Invitations (1st Phase)

The Early Registration Invitations have been sent out to the shooters who have shot the Tri-Gun in the last 3 consecutive years (2016, 2017, and 2018). Qualifying shooters should check the email address that they used to register for the 2017 match. If you are a qualifying shooter and you did not receive an invitation email, contact Jomar at Jomar.MN3GG@gmail.com.

This 1st Phase of the 2019 registrations and is only open until January 20th, so sign up soon. The 2nd Phase for those signing up to shoot in the Heavy Divisions will open on January 28th. The 3rd Phase is the General Registrations that will open on February 7th.

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